Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgarian National Bank


The Bulgarian National Bank was established in 1879. Since 1939 it has been accommodated in the present building, which is actually its third official location – a massive edifice, especially built for banking purposes and considered among the architectural masterpieces of its time. Built in an austere businesslike style- elegant, efficient and frugal, the building was also designed with a unique architectural modification – there’s a smooth transition from the modern building to the adjacent ancient Buyuk Mosque (at present - the Archaeological Museum). The bank has preserved its authentic looks and was proclaimed a cultural monument.

The Bulgarian National Bank owns the exclusive right to issue banknotes and mint coins in the country. Additionally, a few years ago. a museum was established in the bank. The exhibition highlights a selection of ancient and medieval coins dated from the 5th century BC to the present day, found on the territory of Bulgaria. Furthermore, coins minted for the purposes of everyday circulation are presented, as well as history of the BNB banknote printing after 1885 and others. Among the most attractive exhibits in the museum is a bank employee’s desk from the 1930’s, with authentic typewriter and calculating machine, telephone, folders, cash books and pens from that time. There’s an old minting appliance and visitors may try the antiquity coin minting technology themselves.


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