Credo Bonum Gallery
Credo Bonum Gallery

Credo Bonum Gallery


The gallery was opened at the end of 2003. It was renamed ‘Varhove’ (‘Peaks’) for its fifth anniversary at the end of 2008. The active exhibition renewal and the diverse repertoire of classical and contemporary forms contribute to the establishing of its autonomous authority as one of the most famous and preferred exhibition spaces in Sofia.


With a great history of 100 exhibitions behind its back, at the beginning of 2011 the gallery took a new path in its exhibition policy, already as part of the Credo Bonum Foundation.


Gradually Credo Bonum Gallery turned into a new space which attracted the interest of the wide audience in the discovery of different forms of art through unconventional exhibitions and education opportunities. Main priority is placed on the diversity of cultural events, the synthesis between different forms of art, the high social engagement as well as the complete use of the critical potential of art. Its program continues to focus on the already established interest in contemporary art, young artists, collectors’ and museum collections, photography, applied vision and so on. Thus, in unison with the diverse cultural, social and public activity of the foundation, Credo Bonum Gallery stands for its new ambition to develop and establish itself as an independent space for art and culture which takes its topics and themes from the everyday life and the topical problems of the world that surrounds us.


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