Temple of St. Paraskeva – Varna
Georgi Yordanov

Temple of St. Paraskeva – Varna


The small building of Varna’s Christian temple of St. Paraskeva is located in an area rich in thermal mineral waters and pagan sanctuaries of the distant past. On its present location there used to be a medieval church. Today the temple is situated against Varna’s History Museum. The construction of the temple is thought to have taken place at the end of 18 century but it is possible that it happened even earlier. Its architectural style resembles the usual houses of that time. Perhaps that’s the reason why it withstood all destructive historical events through the years. So that its old building could be renovated at the beginning of our century.


St. Paraskeva Church is Varna’s second oldest temple. It was built by an affluent Greek tradesman who, facing danger out in the sea, promised St. Paraskeva that if she brought him back to his family he would build her a chapel as a sign of gratitude. Later the Greek family left the town and gradually the temple became deserted. It was saved from destruction by Baba Efthimia who saw St. Paraskeva in her dream, begging her to save the church. And so, it was repeatedly resurrected in order to extend its existence into our own time and be a valuable delegate of history and spirituality.


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