Roman Thermae
Georgi Jordanov

Roman Thermae


Varna (ancient name: Odessos) is among the world's oldest cities, successively ruled by Thracians, Greeks, Romans and Bulgarians. The “credit” for the construction of the Thermae belongs to the Romans, famous for their tribute to the healing power of waters. Built at the end of II century, the well-preserved monument of the ancient period, is the largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula. The total area of the thermae is about 7000 sq.m. and the height of the arched structures reached up to 20 m. The Roman baths are unique because of the heating system – (hypocaust)- double floor with special cavities that brought warm air from the floor to the ceiling in all rooms. The halls were richly decorated, excavations revealed statues of Claudius Aquila, the Roman gods Hercules, Victoria, Mercury and others. In the northwestern part of the baths there’s a sanctuary of the patron-gods of health Asclepius and Hygeia.

Theater performances and outdoors concerts are held here in summer.

The Thermae are located between the streets of San Stefano and Khan Krum in Varna, close to the port of Varna.


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