Smolyan hotel
Smolyan hotel

Smolyan hotel


Smolyan hotel is located in the town of Smolyan, located in the Rhodope Mountains, along the Black River / tributary of the Arda / about 1000 m altitude.
Smolyan hotel is in the center of scientifically proven regions of longevity, health features: mountain breeze circulation, negative air ionization, high biological UV area, air with low microbe quantity, high clean air intensity.
The favorable climate and the beauty of the mountains in all seasons , the rich cultural and folk traditions have made Rhodopes attractive place for recreation and tourism. The mountain is the ancient legend of the mythical Thracian singer Orpheus.
Smolyan hotel is located near the planetarium . It is one of the popular places in the city for tourists . In his "Star hall" You will feel part of the universe and will be able to " step" on the moon.


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