Miroslava Dermendjieva



Sinemorets is one of the best preserved and picturesque villages on the Bulgarian Black Sea South Coast. Here, the authentic spirit of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is well-preserved and the place creates the sense of a perfect getaway - a refuge from the present and the clutter of the surrounding sea resorts. The name of the village testifies to the purity of sea water- a literal translation of the Greek word "galazios" - "azure, sky blue". Situated on a peninsula, south of Veleka’s estuary, Sinemorets has a wide beach, formed by the confluence of the river into the Black Sea. The river is  habitat of numerous protected plant and animal species. Lovers of nature could enjoy a boat trip, the unusual wildlife of Veleka River and enter the fascinating world in the heart of Strandzha Mountain.

Northeast of the village there’s a rocky bay called the "Ships". Legend has it, that in antiquity obsolete and dispensable ships were deliberately wrecked here. In fact, the submarine studies in the "Potamya" bay nearby truly uncovered remains of ancient ships, anchors and ceramic fragments.


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