Ascension  Church, the village of Shipkovo
Georgi Yordanov

Ascension Church, the village of Shipkovo


Built in the years of the Ottoman rule, the church in the Troyan village of Shipkovo is one of those buildings, whose form doesn’t follow function. Renowned artists from the School of Tryavna participated in its creation, talented local carvers made the iconostasis and other wooden details as well. Though humble and unassuming in appearance, it has become a much-revered monument. The authentic iconostasis and icons have contributed a great deal to that.

The Ascension Church is located in the village center. It was built in 1858 in accordance with the building restrictions imposed by the Ottoman authorities having neither dome, nor cross, nor steeple, nor belfry. A significant event marked the history of the church - on October 14, 1877 during the celebration of the anniversary of the consecration of the church of St. Petka – the church and dozens of believers were attacked by soldiers belonging to the irregular troops of the Turkish army.

Many Bulgarians were massacred, while the village was looted and burned. Since then, this day has been known as "Cheren Petkovden"( “the Black St. Petka Feast Day”)

At present, the historic and cultural monument is an active place of worship and all official Christian services and rites performed.


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