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    National Park "Rila"

    Rila National park is the largest national park in Bulgaria.

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    Chiprovski Waterfall

    One of the most beautiful natural sights in Bulgaria - Chiprovski waterfall, is located in a truly scenic area.

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    Ecotrail "Canyon Falls"

    Canyon Falls is an ecotrail in the truly scenic Rhodope Mountains, close to Smolyan and on the road towards the village of Mugla.

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    Eco trail “Under the waterfall’s spray”

    The eco trail that goes by the romantic name of “Under the waterfall’s spray” takes you from downtown Teteven to the beautiful “Skoka” Waterfall.

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    “Echoing Bell Chimes” Eco trail

    In the beautiful area of Ribaritsa, a well-maintained eco trail will take you from the village of Ribaritsa to the impressive Etropole Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the magnificent Varovitets Waterfall.

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    Chernelka Eco-trail

    Chernelka Eco-trail connects the Pleven villages of Kartozhabene and Gortalovo.

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    Екопътека „Света Неделя“, гр. Златоград

    В планината Родопи, близо до Златоград, се извива екопътеката „Света Неделя“.

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    Vazov’s Eco Trail

    Vazov’s Eco Trail near Gara Bov is growing in popularity and attracts many tourists.

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    Byala Reka Eco Trail

    Byala Reka Eco Trail offers a very pleasant walk amid the beautiful nature around Kalofer.