Museum of the Revival – Varna
Museum of the Revival – Varna

Museum of the Revival – Varna


The exhibition of the museum recreates the age of the Revival in this region. It contains engravings, photographs, weapons, documents, incunabular books and other materials. Significant part of the fund is made up by the collection of church paraphernalia, stamps and icons which, in addition to the Museum of the Revival, have also been on display in the St. Atanasius Church-Museum.


The greater part of the museum’s materials were collected by the old museum workers – the Škorpil brothers, Archimandrite Inokentius and others – and up to 1960 were kept in the Archaeological Museum after which were moved to the Museum of the Revival.


The museum used to be situated in 27 July Str up to 2002 after which the materials and the fund were moved to Slavyanska Str 21. Only temporary exhibitions were made and there was not a permanent exhibition.


In June 2006 the Museum was moved to L. Zamenhof Str 21 in a specially renovated building in a Revival style that housed a new permanent exhibition unveiled the same year. 


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