National Palace of Culture

National Palace of Culture


For decades now, the National Palace of Culture has been emblematic for the city of Sofia for the number of events held there. Apart from its purely institutional and public role, the palace and its surrounding area have also become a favorite meeting place for generations of citizens and guests of the capital. The location - in the very heart of the capital - significantly contributes to the popularity of the place. The National Palace of Culture is definitely one of the most visited places in Sofia - annually hundreds of events are held there and thousands of people visit the NPC each year. The Palace of Culture is Southeast Europe’s largest complex for cultural events, exhibitions and congresses with 8 floors, 3 underground levels and four terraces. A wide range of art styles is presented there as well.  Hundreds of sculptures, paintings, carvings and other art works liven up the interior.

All year round, Bulgarian and international musicians, actors, dancers bring thousands of people to the halls. Numerous festivals and exhibitions are held throughout the year as well -the  International Film Festival, New Year's Eve music festival, Cinemania, and many more.

The National Palace of Culture was officially opened in 1981 on occasion of the 1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian State. The place is included in the "100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria” initiative, created in 1966.


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