Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery
Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery

Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery


Founded in 1958 as a subsidiary to the History Museum of Pleven under the initiative of artists working in the town, Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery is housed in a building specially built in 1978 on Skobelev Blvd 1.


Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery’s permanent exhibition gives an idea about the main stages and trends in the development of Bulgarian visual art from the end of 19th century to the 70s of the 20th century. Special attention is attributed to the gallery’s patron – the great Bulgarian artist Iliya Beshkov (1901 – 1958). The gallery preserves over 1200 of his works – the biggest collection in a national art museum and of exceptional significance, too.


The appearance and the entire atmosphere of the gallery aren’t limited by its permanent exhibition only. Since 1958 it has been enriching, preserving and promoting its funds divided in the following sections: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Revival icons, Iliya Beshkov, Angel Spasov and Collections.


Spanning over an area of 2500 sq m, Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery is a centre of established art forums: National Biennale of the Small Forms in Fine Art – Pleven, International Phodar Biennial, Alianz Bulgaria National Competition, Night in the Gallery, Kaylaka International Plein Air, art salons, chamber concerts, recitals, conferences and symposiums.


Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery is an institution with distinct and memorable presence in the cultural life of Central Northern Bulgaria, region-leading cultural centre that maintains beneficial cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Artists Union, the National Art Gallery and similar institutions all over the country.


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