Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre
Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre

Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre


The theatre in Stara Zagora is more than 130 years old. Presently, Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre is a leading theatre institute in the region and a cultural event hub. It has two performance spaces – a big stage (300 seats) and a chamber stage (49 seats) which provide opportunities for various theatrical forms as well as other similar activities – conferences, concerts, festivals, meetings and others.


Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre’s contemporary theatre policy is focused on the opening and enriching of its own cultural space. This is done by exchange projects or by attracting publicly renowned and experienced creatives in the making of its production, by coproduction work, by offering the stage to touring theatres and companies as well as by effective distribution of its own theatre production aimed at maximum prolonging of the life of each show. The repertoire includes classical, contemporary and experimental titles from the Bulgarian and international dramaturgy.


Many generations of theatre artists have shaped and continue to develop themselves on the stage of Geo Milev Dramatic Theatre. The cultural institution is inseparable part of the heritage and traditions of Stara Zagora. It has played a big role in the history of Bulgarian theatre art and aims to be an active participant within the European cultural cooperation.


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