Elin Pelin House-Museum
Elin Pelin House-Museum

Elin Pelin House-Museum


Elin Pelin was born in the village of Baylovo. This little picturesque village is located about 40km away from Sofia City. The village is incredibly beautiful, cosy, clean and green. The spirit of the writer is strongly felt; everything reminds us of him; everything remembers him. The people of Baylovo themselves, even those who were born well after his death, remember him, know him and love him as a closest relative and friend.


The village of Baylovo still preserves his home which was turned into a museum in 1977 for the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth. The site is administratively subordinated to the National Literature Museum in Sofia. Here is also the magnificent Elin Pelin Home-Monument which houses the Elin Pelin’s Life and Works exhibition.


The house-museum takes us back to the atmosphere in which Elin Pelin lived and worked. On the upper floor you can see recreated the typical setting of a Baylovo house where all the furniture is ordered with taste. You can also see Elin Pelin’s room containing personal belongings of his. Those who are thirsty for the magic of the writer’s words will sink into the natural atmosphere of his world and will learn a lot about his life and works. 


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