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Dimitar Dimov House-Museum
Dimitar Dimov House-Museum

Dimitar Dimov House-Museum


In a little street in the Sofia district of Lozenets an old residential building houses the Dimitar Dimov House-Museum. In the authentic setting of the comparatively small flat we can see the dining room – which rather served as a study, the author’s huge library containing more than 2500 books, the chemistry and photography lab that takes up the kitchen area and the former bedroom, now a study. Administratively, the museum is subordinated to the National Literature Museum in Sofia.


The entire setting makes it clear that Dimov spent his whole life working as a scientist in the fields of anatomy, histology and embryology of domestic animals. He went as far as to acquire a Professor’s degree; he was head of a department; he wrote research papers, taught and examined. His interests in chemistry, physics and further mathematics were of scientific level; one could envy his knowledge of world culture; he authored a philosophy research paper and spoke five foreign languages.



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