Chapel of St. Cyprian
Iliyana Shishkova

Chapel of St. Cyprian


A little white building under a lonely centuries-old tree amid a vast meadow. This is how the chapel of St. Cyprian, located near the village of Plana in the eponymous mountain, looks like. The unique sight is a heaven for professional and amateur photographers all year round. From the chapel itself there’s a no less enchanting view to the village of Plana and to Vitosha Mountain.


The chapel is new and well-maintained. Usually, there are candles on a little table inside that every worshipper can use. There are benches and a small table under the tree outside where everyone can enjoy the surrounding silence that offers opportunity for humble rest.


St. Cyrpian is the starting point of a trail leading to the Alinski Monastery of the Ascension of Our Lord also known as St. Spas as well as to the Alinsko kale fortress.


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