The Clock Tower
Gergana Valcheva

The Clock Tower


The Spirit of Tryavna is build-in its unique architecture – most of the houses and monuments, works of famous local master-builders, have been preserved to nowadays. More than twenty meters high, the Clock Tower, symbol and pride of the city, was built in 1841. Legend has it that in order to be given permission from the Ottoman authorities for the construction of the tower, women of Tryavna had to abandon their traditional head decoration – “sokai”- because it resembled a “royal tiara”. The lower section and highest part of the tower is a massive stone construction. The mid-section has been repeatedly altered and the clock mechanism was installed there in 1851 by two masters of Gabrovo - Kanyu and Genyu Radoslavovi. Every night since the early 1970s, the melody of "Inseparable", with lyrics from the Bulgarian poet Pencho Slaveikov, echoes from the tower.

The bell in the upper part has been there ever since the construction of the clock tower.The evening chime in tune with the fascinating lights, illuminating the middle and upper part of the tower, attract many visitors and passers-by.

Today, in the tower you can see the "Foucault Pendulum", installed in the late 90s, a device that demonstrates the rotation of the Earth.


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