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Лято 2017


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  • hotnishki-vodopad2_230x161_crop_b67169cdf6

    Hotnishki Falls

    Near the village of Hotnitsa, in the region of Veliko Tarnovo, the Bohot River reaches a high cliff, giving it a loving and tender embrace and then drops spectacularly over the edge, presenting a splendid performance of dancing droplets.

    • Address

      the village of Hotnitsa
  • orlovo-oko-mihail-tomov_230x161_crop_c59bbef2f7

    Panoramic viewing platform "Eagle Eye"

    One cannot but remain impressed by the bewitching beauty of the Rhodopes.

    • Address

      the village of Yagodina
  • ot-vrah-gerdek-tepe-pg_230x161_crop_7c4e3bfc55

    Mount Gerdek Tepe

    Mount Gerdek Tepe in Stara Planina is preferred by many climbers and hikers.

  • arkata-na-tyulenovo-res_230x161_crop_538ff667e5

    The rocky arch near Tyulenovo

    One of the most impressive spots along the North Black Sea coast is located near the village of Tyulenovo.

  • kleptuza_230x161_crop_e67ccff1aa

    Protected territory of Kleptuza

    Kleptuza is the largest karst spring in Bulgaria.

    • Address

  • polezhanskite-ezera_230x161_crop_09dc7e35fc

    Polezhanski Lakes

    Polezhanski Lakes are named after the Pirin peak of Polezhan, under which are situated.

  • geopark-iskyr-panega-2997_230x161_crop_d24d272ef0

    Iskar-Panega Geo-park

    A number of little bridges and resting places provide spectacular views in the Iskar-Panega Geo-park.

    • Address

      near the town of Lukovit