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    Sofia Opera and Ballet

    In 1890 three Bulgarian musicians – Dragomir Kazakov, Ivan Slavkov and Angel Bukoreshtliev, set up the first opera company in Bulgaria...

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    Sofia Art Gallery

    The museum’s collection consists of more than 8,000 Bulgarian artworks covering the entire span of Bulgarian art from the late 19th century to the present day.

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    National Gallery for Foreign Art in Sofia

    Stunningly beautiful “one of a kind” art collections enchant the visitors at the National Gallery for Foreign Art in Sofia.

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    Религиозно средище „Кръстата гора“

    Златоград се счита за специално място, пазено от злини, благодарение на разположението си върху своеобразен кръст от четири върха.

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    Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art

    The former home of the writer famous for his peculiar pseudonym “Chudomir” today houses his works – both literary and art works.

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    Modern Theatre

    The Modern Theatre stage holds theatre plays as well as award ceremonies and concerts.

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    Bulgarian Army Theatre

    Bulgarian Army Theatre is located in the very centre of Sofia in a convenient and easily accessible place.

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    Aleko Konstantinov Satire Theatre

    The Satire Theatre is a unique cultural phenomenon with significant influence and a special place in the country’s theatre life.

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    Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel'

    Little City Theatre 'Off The Channel' is one of the four municipal theatres in Sofia.

  • sylza-i-smiah_230x161_crop_be05a1a56d

    ‘Tears and Laughter’ Theatre

    ‘Tears and Laughter’ is the name of Bulgaria’s oldest professional theatre company.

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    Sofia Puppet Theatre

    For more than 60 years the Sofia Puppet Theatre has been entertaining both young and old with its wonderful art.

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    Sfumato Theatre Workshop

    Sfumato Theatre Workshop was founded in 1989 by directors Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev as an alternative to the traditional theatres in Sofia.