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  • boyanski-vodopad_230x161_crop_425165cc8f

    Boyana Waterfall

    The beautiful Boyana Waterfall is the biggest in Vitosha Mountain.

  • vodopad-vrachanska-skaklya_230x161_crop_930b71c7ee

    Водопад Врачанска скакля

    Най-високият непостоянно течащ водопад в България

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    Fotinski Falls

    There are three beautiful waterfalls within an hour of walking distance from the Rhodopean village of Fotinovo.

  • reseleshki-vodopad-3044_230x161_crop_527b11669d

    Skoka Waterfall of Reselets

    The Skoka Waterfall near the village of Reselets, not far away from the town of Cherven Bryag, doesn’t impress with its size. It is only about ten metres high. However, there is something else that makes it extremely attractive…

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    Водопад „Честненско усое“

    Река Честна образува близо до гр. Якоруда в Рила планина няколко красиви водопада.

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    Momin Skok Waterfall

    The picturesque Emen Canyon hides mysterious caves, a magic waterfall and a captivating little lake.

  • vodopad-bialata-voda_230x161_crop_4d6e93d887

    Водопад Бяла река

    Прохлада в сърцето на Пирин планина

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    Водопад Райско пръскало

    Най-високият постоянен водопад в България