Fortress "Medjidi Tabiya"
Municipality of Silistra

Fortress "Medjidi Tabiya"


One of the 6 fortification points of a defence system is the Turkish fort (“Abdul Medjidi”) - Medjidi Tabiya, is also the most preserved. It played a crucial role in the war of Crimea from 1953-56th (started from Silistra) and the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-79. Built in 1841-53 by the forced labour of 300 Bulgarians under Ottoman rule, inspired by a German military engineer Moltke, it was supposed to secure the Danube border of the Empire.


The wall is 6-angular reaching as high as 8 meters, with a ditch nearby which served as an obstacle and an ambush. It is the only one fully conserved ottoman fortress in Bulgaria. Located on a hill south of Silistra, it is now open for visitors.


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