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  • muzei_230x161_crop_86aa70249c

    National Institute of Archaeology with Museum

    The National Institute of Archaeology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science covers the complete study of the material and spiritual culture in the Bulgarian territories from the remote past to the 18th century.

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    Interactive Museum of Industry

    The first interactive museum of industry in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula opened its doors in March 2014.

  • muzej-aviacia_230x161_crop_9b26b68555

    Aviation Museum

    Aircrafts, a spacecraft, a spacesuit, missile and bomb armaments…

  • mineralna-banya-sofia_230x161_crop_d5daeae383

    Sofia Central Mineral Baths

    The impressive building, located in the small park with a fountain just opposite the Central Market Hall, belongs to the Central Mineral Baths.

  • voenomorski-muzej1_230x161_crop_5cca6ad4b2

    National Naval Museum

    The National Naval Museum follows the maritime and naval history of Bulgaria.

  • muzei-kazanlak_230x161_crop_e513a87b20

    Iskra History Museum, Kazanlak

    Founded in 1901, this Kazanlak museum is among the oldest in Bulgaria.

  • muzei-chudomir_230x161_crop_84513d721a

    Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art

    The former home of the writer famous for his peculiar pseudonym “Chudomir” today houses his works – both literary and art works.

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    Deli Hamam Old Public Bath (Virtual Museum of Water)

    The Deli Hamam Old Public Bath was built in the 16th – 17th century and at the end of the 90s of the 19th century was declared an architectural monument of national importance. Today it has been turned into an attraction dedicated to water.

  • arheologicheski-muzej-varna_230x161_crop_131d3276fa

    Varna Archaeological Museum

    Varna Archaeological Museum is housed by the building of the former Girl’s High School which, on its part, was built over old Turkish barracks.

  • muzej-za-istoria-varna_230x161_crop_6fa8b48f32

    Varna History Museum

    The history of Varna lives in a three-story building not far from the sea coast in a region rich in sights.

  • muzei-zemiata-i-horata_230x161_crop_1137d5ca8a

    Earth and Man National Museum

    Earth and Man National Museum – Sofia is a state cultural institute of national importance.

  • etnografski-muzei_230x161_crop_e9c4572de3

    National Ethnographic Museum

    The Ethnology and Folkloristics Institute with an Ethnographic Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (EFIEM-BAS) is a national centre for ethnological, folkloristic and cultural-anthropological research.