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    King Asen's Fortress

    King Asen's Fortress is a strategic defensive point at the White Sea passage. During the Ottoman invasion it was ruined to the ground and only the church "St. Mary of Petrich”, as we know it nowadays, remained intact. It is restored and present it's an active temple again.

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    AHR "Bozhentsi"

    The establishment of the village is associated with a 600-year-old legend - the legend of the young noblewoman Bozhana.

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    Located in the Western Rhodopes, the village of Kovachevitsa has preserved its authentic 18-19th century appearance and will carry you to the peaceful atmosphere of that time.

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    The archaeological complex of Perperikon rises above the valley of Perpereshka River in the Eastern Rhodopes, about 20 km. from the town of Kardzhali.

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    Tsarevets Fortress

    The influential symbol of the old Bulgarian capital

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    Memorial Temple "St. Alexander Nevsky”

    The resplendence of the striking gold-plated domes catches the eye as well as the sun.

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    Bachkovo Monastery "Assumption of the Virgin"

    Nestled in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, Bachkovo monastery "Assumption of the Virgin" is among the most important Bulgarian spiritual and religious centers.

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    House-museum "Hadzhi Dimitar"

    The exhibition in the house of Hadzhi Dimitar tells the story about the life and work of the brave “voivoda”/bulg. Military commander/ who died for the freedom of Bulgaria.

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    Dryanovo Monastery

    Built at the beginning of the Second Bulgarian State, repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again, over the centuries Dryanovo Monastery has become one of the pillars of the Bulgarian spirit in the difficult years of the Ottoman rule.

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    Rozhen Monastery "Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary"

    The Rozhen Monastery "Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary" is among the biggest medieval monasteries in Bulgaria. It is located in a picturesque nature and nearby the famous Sand Pyramids of Melnik.

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    Memorial Temple of the Nativity, Shipka

    The "Memorial Temple of the Nativity" is located in the town of Shipka and was built in memory of the Russian soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish war.

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    House-museum "Ivan Vazov"

    The birthplace of Ivan Vazov in the town of Sopot is rebuilt into a museum telling the story of the life and work of the "the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature".