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  • chiprovski-manastir-1_230x161_crop_bfc96cea38

    The Chiprovtsi Monastery "St. Ivan Rilski"

    The long history of the Chiprovtsi monastery takes us back to the Early Middle Ages.

  • razboishki-manastir-1_230x161_crop_f33ab841d3

    Holy Trinity Razboishki Monastery

    For hundreds of years the Holy Trinity Monastery has been hiding amid the wild nature of the Nishava River’s gorge with its thick forests and tall rocks.

  • chekotinski-manastir-4_230x161_crop_4703462746

    Chekotinski Мonastery "St. Archangel Michael "

    The Chekotinski monastery of St. Archangel Michael, nestled among the serene and beautiful Balkan Mountains, just off the shores of Malak Iskar River, is situated near the village of Kalugerovo and not far from the town of Pravets.

  • carkva-teodor-tiron-2_230x161_crop_c644921095

    Pravets Monastery St. Theodore the Tyro

    The monastery of "St. Teodor the Tyro" was built near the town of Pravets in 1180 and since then this amazing countryside has been literally saturated with a genuine sense of peace, humility, comfort and spirituality.

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    Белащински манастир „Св. Георги Победоносец"

    Манастирът край пловдивското село Белащица, наречен на „Св. Георги Победоносец“, има дългогодишна история и много легенди.

  • benediktinki_230x161_crop_a7870eb63c

    Catholic Monastery of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic Monastery of almost 100 years of age, located in the village of Tsarev Brod in the Shumen region.

  • sokolksi-manastir-doni-popova_230x161_crop_09cc1d60d9

    Sokolski Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God

    The Sokolski Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God is situated amid the picturesque slopes of the Balkan Mountains, by the upper course of the Yantra River, in the locality of Sokolova Cave and about 4 kilometres away from the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex.

  • img-5036_230x161_crop_68ae2d9323

    Albotinski Monastery

    20 kilometres west of Vidin, near the villages of Rabrovo and Topolovets, in the locality of Albotin, there’s a rocky ridge once used as a monastery.

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    Aladzha Monastery

    The most famous representative of the magnificent Bulgarian medieval cave monasteries is the so called "Aladzha Monastery".

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    Златишки манастир "Вознесение Господне"

    Сгушен в подножието на Златишко-Тетевенската планина, част от Средна Стара планина, вече второ столетие Златишкият манастир „Вознесение Господне“ е духовно средище и стълб на христовата вяра за местните хора.

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    Горновасилишки манастир "Възнесение Господне"

    В живописна местност, на 1186 м н. в., под връх Бенковски в Ихтиманска Средна гора се е настанил Горновасилишкият манастир „Възнесение Господне“.

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    Етрополски манастир "Св. Троица"

    Ако има места, които истински заслужават определението „райско кътче“, то сред тях несъмнено е Етрополският манастир „Св. Троица“.