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  • dsc-0992_230x161_crop_e8e53b9481

    "St. Nicholas" Church

    The progressive people of Kovachevitsa built a large and impressive church several years before the Liberation of Bulgaria from five centuries of Ottoman rule.

  • kilifarevski-manastir-1_230x161_crop_9b16e55f58

    Kilifarevo Monastery "Nativity of the Virgin Mary"

    The present Kilifarevo monastery is located about 600 m. from the buildings of the former cloister and a fortress that existed during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

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    St. Paraskeva Church, Troyan

    The Church of St. Paraskeva is dedicated to the divine protector and patron saint of Troyan.

  • chekotinski-manastir-4_230x161_crop_4703462746

    Chekotinski Мonastery "St. Archangel Michael "

    The Chekotinski monastery of St. Archangel Michael, nestled among the serene and beautiful Balkan Mountains, just off the shores of Malak Iskar River, is situated near the village of Kalugerovo and not far from the town of Pravets.

  • carkva-teodor-tiron-2_230x161_crop_c644921095

    Pravets Monastery St. Theodore the Tyro

    The monastery of "St. Teodor the Tyro" was built near the town of Pravets in 1180 and since then this amazing countryside has been literally saturated with a genuine sense of peace, humility, comfort and spirituality.

  • muzei-preslav_230x161_crop_01c554dfd8

    Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum

    The Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum houses thousands of finds from Simeon’s capital as well as objects that were made to serve our ancestors during the Golden Age.