Central Military Club

Central Military Club


The splendid Renaissance Revival Style building of the Central Military Club has been among the jewels of downtown Sofia for over a hundred years. It was among the first monumental buildings erected after the Liberation (1878) and one of the finest examples of Post-Liberation architecture. Construction works started in 1895, as a stone relic of the Battle of Slivnitsa, part of the Serbo-Bulgarian war (1885-1886) became the cornerstone set in the construction of the foundations. Completed in 1907, the building consists of three floors, two wings and three monumental towers. The exquisite beauty of the edifice is complemented by a rich diversity of exterior add-on architectural elements and plastic decoration. The halls are adorned with fabulous Italian silk highlighting the interesting artwork panels. The magnificent marble flooring of the halls and hallways and the ornate ceilings probably draw the longest gazes from all visitors. The refined and stylish colonnaded terraces contribute to the aristocratic and sophisticated atmosphere of the club.

The Military Club was initially known as the Officer's Club and was used for celebrations, receptions, balls and other events of Sofia’s new elite. At present, the whole club, the art gallery and even the coffeehouse host a large number of classy events - concerts, receptions, exhibitions and many more.

The Central Military Library presently owns more than 120,000 library holdings and develops various educational activities.


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