Burgas Salt Lakes
Antonia Ivanova

Burgas Salt Lakes


The Burgas Salt Lakes are perhaps one of the hidden treasures of the eponymous town. Just a few minutes away by bike from the town centre, along the newly made cycle path, the salt lakes make us sink into an incredible world co-inhabited by workers gathering salt, protected species of birds and people caked in black mud from head to toes.


Although the lye and curative mud pools belong to the Chernomorski Solnitsi AD (Black Sea Salt Lakes) company, everyone can – completely for free – get into the pink water with high content of salt because of which we can’t sink or to spread some black mud on his or her skin and then go and wash into the sea. Hardly can we find such a “free spa centre” in many places of the world. The salt lakes fans say the lye and the mud don’t just help in the treatment of various diseases but also make us more beautiful.


Even if you don’t like the idea of getting into the pink pools or wading the mud, you will surely appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of the salt lakes which have so far remained away from the chaos so typical for the greater part of the Black Sea coast. The place is a perfect destination for a bicycle trip that you can start as far as at the Central Beach in Burgas. Between the mud area and the sea there is also a little cute restaurant where you can have a cold beer or a portion of deep-fried sprats. You also won’t regret a walk into the Black Sea Salt Lakes company itself where you can often sea little trains loaded with pure white salt passing by. A bit to the north of the salt lakes there’s a comparatively long unguarded beach strip which many people choose over the livelier Burgas beach.


You can get to the salt lakes on foot or by bike from the beach walk in Burgas or by car from the main Varna – Burgas road (the fork is marked with a road sign).


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