Architectural-Ethnographic Complex "Etara"
Dimitar Ruykov

Architectural-Ethnographic Complex "Etara"


The Architectural-ethnographic complex "Etar" was opened in 1964 and is one of the classical National Revival locations where over the years Bulgarian customs, culture and traditions have been preserved. It was declared an architectural monument of national importance in the early 1970s. The complex is located 8 km. south of Gabrovo and keeps a unique collection of old-times water-driven equipment - typical Renaissance (18th -early 19th century) urban water-powered machinery – water-mills, rollers, “tepavitsa”(a facility for processing fabrics under water) and others. Here the Renaissance atmosphere is well-preserved - numerous houses with original and functioning water facilities, craft workshops, bridges, carts, etc. Throughout the complex, traditions come to life - various traditional crafts are presented by master- craftsmen: pottery making, “shekerdzhiistvo” (dated: “confectionery, pastry making”), “hlopkarstvo” (dated: “cowbells making”), “furriery” (all sorts of leather garments - caps, slippers, etc.).

On holidays and various other occasions, separate reenactments recreating traditional customs and traditions are often organized.


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