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    AHR "Bozhentsi"

    The establishment of the village is associated with a 600-year-old legend - the legend of the young noblewoman Bozhana.

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    House-museum "Hadzhi Dimitar"

    The exhibition in the house of Hadzhi Dimitar tells the story about the life and work of the brave “voivoda”/bulg. Military commander/ who died for the freedom of Bulgaria.

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    Kuyumdzhieva House - Ethnographic Museum of Plovdid

    The Kuymdzhieva House is among the brightest examples of the material culture of the Bulgarian National Revival. Decorated with magnificent carvings and murals the House combines different architectural and artistic styles. Currently the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv is accommodated there.

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    Museum Park Vrana Palace

    Vrana Palace and its beautiful park are a marvelous combination of history and nature.

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    Ahmed Bey Mosque

    The former Ahmed Bey Mosque in Kyustendil is now the local museum’s exhibition hall.

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    Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum

    The Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum houses thousands of finds from Simeon’s capital as well as objects that were made to serve our ancestors during the Golden Age.

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    Исторически музей „Конака"

    Историческият музей на Видин се помещава в историческа сграда от XVII в. – Конака.

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    Музей „Кръстата казарма"

    „Кръстата казарма“ днес е част от регионалния музеен комплекс във Видин.

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    Общински исторически музей - Карлово

    Преминавайки през много превратности, музеят винаги е бил духовен център, пазител на историческата памет и гордост на региона.