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    King Asen's Fortress

    King Asen's Fortress is a strategic defensive point at the White Sea passage. During the Ottoman invasion it was ruined to the ground and only the church "St. Mary of Petrich”, as we know it nowadays, remained intact. It is restored and present it's an active temple again.

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    Monyak Fortress

    The hard to access medieval fortress of Monyak near the village of Shiroko Pole, which hindered enemy attacks millenniums ago, now challenges present-day visitors.

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    Fortress "Hissarya"

    The Medieval fortress "Hissarya" is located in the southern part of Lovech, on a picturesque hill.

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    Tsarevets Fortress

    The influential symbol of the old Bulgarian capital

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    Drastar Fortress

    One of the oldest fortresses in Bulgaria – the Drastar Fortress lies on the banks of the Danube, on the outskirts of the town of Silistra.

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    Medieval City-Fortress "Hotalich"

    The medieval fortress "Hotalich" rises northwest of Sevlievo, in the hillside area "Krushevska Mountain”.

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    Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve

    The Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, including the famous rock bas-relief, stands on the Madara Plateau. The complex consists of fort ruins, temples and civil buildings. The fortress reveals breathtaking views of the plane.

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    "Castra ad Montanezium" Montana

    The ancient fortress "Castra ad Montanezium" near Montana has become a symbol of the town.

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    Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen Fortress"

    The Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen fortress" is situated on the Shumen plateau, 3 km away from the center of modern-day Shumen.

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    Medieval fortress of Tsepina

    The medieval fortress of Tsepina is located in South Bulgaria, northwest of the village of Dorkovo in the municipality of Rakitovo.

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    Baba Vida Fortress

    The Baba Vida Fortress also known as "Babini Vidini Kuli" is the only fully preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria.

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    The Gate of Trajan

    The historic mountain pass The Gate of Trayan or Trajan’s Gate is located in Sredna gora Mountain, not far from the town of Kostenets.