Geyser fountain – Sapareva Banya
Desislava Yordanova

Geyser fountain – Sapareva Banya


The town of Sapareva Banya is situated at the northern foot of Rila Mountain. It is famous for its hot mineral springs but mostly for the Geyser in the centre of the town. It is one of a kind for the whole Balkan Peninsula and, with temperature of 103 °C, it is Europe’s hottest. It is also the symbol of the town and the reason why many people come here to visit. It was discovered in 1957 during hydrological research. It comes from 73 metres under the ground. Its spurt reaches 18 metres of height and erupts periodically with varying force. During the winter the ice forms beautiful shapes around the water spurt and in the summer nights the interesting lighting paints it in nice colours.


The Geyser’s heat is used for heating many of the civic buildings in the town. But it also meets people’s daily needs. Quite often one can see local people boiling potatoes in the hot waters. Near the Geyser there is a well-maintained park. Thanks to the abundance of mineral springs there are rehabilitation centres and spa hotels around the town. The healing properties of the springs were valued as early as in Thracian times. Remains of a Thracian city can be seen even today by the medieval church of St. Nikola, not far from the famous Geyser.


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