Samovodska Charshiya Market

Samovodska Charshiya Market


The authentic atmosphere of Veliko Tarnovo’s Samovodska Charshiya Market takes us back to the time of our ancestors. A time when little houses were built in Revival or Post-Liberation style with balconies hanging above the streets, with tall fences and small artisan ateliers and shops.


The Samovodska Charshiya is a complex that comprises of a market and the market streets itself. The two cobbled streets were built around the middle of 19th century along with the authentic buildings along them. Back then they were the town’s economic centre that had a lot of tradesman and artisan shops. They have preserved their purpose and atmosphere for a long time. Even today, some of them house workshops of old times – a weaving workshop, a sweet shop, an icon painting atelier, pottery, weapon and wood carving workshops and others. Others house souvenir or antique shops, art galleries, traditionally designed restaurants. Here is writer Emiliyan Stanev’s home which has been turned into a museum.


Along with the famous fortress of Tsarevo, Samovodska Charshiya is one of the most popular symbols of Bulgaria’s old capital Veliko Tarnovo.


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