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Старият Пловдив

Georgi Yordanov

Разходка из Стария Пловдив и посещение на възрожденските къщи-музеи.

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  • hindlijan-14_230x161_crop_fa9fad6616

    House-museum "Hindliyan"

    Among the most beautifully decorated homes in the Old Town is the one of the Renaissance merchant Stepan Hindliyan. The owner was a well-known and wealthy merchant, a representative of one of the four richest Armenian families in the city.

    • Address

      Plovdiv, 4 Artin Gidikov Str.
    • Working time

      8:30–16:30 every day /Saturdays and Sundays - through the Balabanova House/
    • Phone

      +359 (0) 32/628 998
  • la-martin_230x161_crop_aec96f42ad

    House "Lamartine" - Residence of Georgi Mavridi

    House "Mavridi" is one of the largest and most beautiful houses in the Old town of Plovdiv. It was built on a steep plot of land and both the foundations and the basement are lop-sided.

    • Address

      Plovdiv, 19 Knyaz Tseretelev Str.
    • Phone

      +359 32 631 776
  • etnografski-muzej-3_230x161_crop_965c637dd7

    Kuyumdzhieva House - Ethnographic Museum of Plovdid

    The Kuymdzhieva House is among the brightest examples of the material culture of the Bulgarian National Revival. Decorated with magnificent carvings and murals the House combines different architectural and artistic styles. Currently the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv is accommodated there.

    • Address

      4000 Plovdiv, 2 "Dr. St.Chomakov" Str.
    • Working time

      Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00 (winter working time / 9:00-18:00 (summer working time)
    • Phone

      +359 (0) 32 626 327
    • E-mail

    • URL

  • chomakov-3_230x161_crop_8b7737a75a

    House of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov - "Zlatyo Boyadzhiev" Gallery

    At the beginning of the Old Town of Plovdiv stands the house of the famous Bulgarian puboic figures and one of the most prominent fighters for an independent Bulgarian church during the Bulgarian Revival – Dr. Stoyan Chomakov. Nowadays there is a permanent exhibition of another eminent artist – Zlatyo Boyadzhiev.