Berkovitsa, Varshets and the Petrohan Pass

Imposing natural landscapes

Ancient people had a hunch about good places to live and an eye for beauty and it’s probably what drew settlers here in Antiquity. These lands were inhabited by Thracian tribes and Romans as evidenced by the numerous archaeological monuments scattered throughout the countryside. Their settlements were located at the present-day town of Berkovitsa, a National resort nestled at the foot of Western Stara Planina.


It was proclaimed a national resort precisely because of the generous nature and abundance of resources. There are many opportunities here - tourism, sports, recreation, fun... The city is full of interesting historical and cultural monuments: its symbol - The Clock Tower,  house-museum “Ivan Vazov”, The Malinarka fountain, the historical building of the old Father Paisii School (an art gallery at present), the National Revival style building that now accommodates the Ethnographic Museum, the Roman baths, the ancient and medieval fortress of Calais, the Klisura Monastery nearby, and of course Kom Peak that has always attracted keen mountaineers and adventurers and served as an inspiration to the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov to create the poem “On Kom”.


But all that doesn’t put an end to having fun here.


Established in Late antiquity under the name of Medeka, another National resort – the town of Varshets is only a few kilometers away from Berkovitsa. It takes a well-deserved place on the list of the best SPA & Wellness places in the country because of the numerous mineral springs with healing waters and the fresh mountain air. The place is surrounded by picturesque landscapes – primeval forests, amazing rock formations, the majestic mountain crown of Koznitsa, the winding Botunya River... Mountain woodlands such as Zeleni dyal, Vodopada, Ivanchova polyana, Cherveni Kamak, chalets - Byalata Voda and others, as well as the highest peak Todorini Kukli (1785 m.) multiply the number of tourism opportunities around.


It’s the shortest way to get to the Klisura Monastery as well. And, when in town you might chance upon the Old and New mineral-water fountains, The Old Thermal baths - the first of its kind in Bulgaria, the romantic Chinar boulevard, the old Bansko casino, the city park, museums, churches… But surely, seize the opportunity to enjoy the greatest wealth of the city - the mineral springs. The healing waters, full of invaluable substances and nutrients, gushing from the rock crevices are used for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of various diseases.

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  • klisurski-manastir_230x161_crop_12abf3a695

    The Klisura Monastery "Sts. Cyril and Methodius"

    The Klisura Monastery is nestled at the foot of Todorini kukli Peak amidst the enchanting scenery of the Balkan Mountains, 9 km away from the town of Berkovitza.

  • razboishki-manastir-1_230x161_crop_f33ab841d3

    Holy Trinity Razboishki Monastery

    For hundreds of years the Holy Trinity Monastery has been hiding amid the wild nature of the Nishava River’s gorge with its thick forests and tall rocks.

  • curkva-sv_230x161_crop_b5b6490f20

    Church of St. George in Varshets

    The temple of St. George in Varshets has been proclaimed to be a cultural monument with local significance.

  • varshets-stara-i-nova-banja2_230x161_crop_439ac5a5f0

    Банята във Вършец

    Северозападното градче Вършец е най-старият балнеологичен курорт в България.