The Valley of Thracian Kings

The Thracian heritage.

This region is better known as “The Rose Valley” but the peaceful cohabitation of its two nicknames only proves how diverse and rich in history it is.


Here the ancient Thracians have left deep traces of their remarkable culture. An astounding number of burial mounds – bearers of history belonging to ages before Christ – have been discovered. Over 900 mounds have been registered. The most popular is the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb but one can also see the temples from the mounds of Svetitsata, Ostrusha, Golyama Kosmatka, Grifonite and Shushmanets as well as other unique ancient facilities. Some of them have an impressive size of over 10 metres; others – the major part – are between 1 and 5 metres tall and the short ones – below 1 metre – further contribute to the variety. Some of them are grouped in necropolises - 30 in total. Seen from afar, the mounds in the valley look like huge molehills which, however, make the visitors bow their heads to the centuries-old history and the rich culture of the Thracians. This history is displayed in the abundance of murals preserved in some of the tombs. A good example is The Kazanlak Thracian Tomb – a remarkable monument of Thracian art from the Early Hellenistic Period. It is dated at the end of 4 and the beginning of 3 century B.C. It is the time when the city of Seuthopolis – the capital of the Thracians – was here and when the state was undergoing a significant economical, political and cultural progress. The Kazanlak Tomb keeps exceptional murals which are among the best preserved authentic works of art from that period. In a unique masterly way, they present historical events and scenes from everyday life. The Thracian tomb is Bulgaria’s first monument included in the UNESCO’s World List of Monuments. A special protective construction has been built over the building to protect the murals – masterpieces of antique art. Near the original building there is an exact copy of it which is open for visitors.


All the various proofs for the rich Thracian culture have inspired our contemporaries who live in this area and today the Valley of Thracian Kings holds numerous events in honour of the region’s historical past.

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    Thracian Tomb – Kazanlak

    The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak has been dated at 4-3 century B.C.

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    Казанлъшки девически манастир „Въведение Богородично"

    В самият град Казанлък, в неговата западна част, зад високи каменни стени, в спокойствието на обширен двор се намира манастирът „Въведение Богородично“.