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    Bachkovo Monastery "Assumption of the Virgin"

    Nestled in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, Bachkovo monastery "Assumption of the Virgin" is among the most important Bulgarian spiritual and religious centers.

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    House-museum "Ivan Vazov"

    The birthplace of Ivan Vazov in the town of Sopot is rebuilt into a museum telling the story of the life and work of the "the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature".

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    Nicopolis Ad Istrum

    "Nicopolis ad Istrum" is an ancient Roman city, founded in 102 A.D. by Emperor Trajan.

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    The "Yellow" School

    Nicknamed "the yellow", because of its characteristic color, it is in fact the first Bulgarian high school in the city of Plovdiv.

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    National Aprilov High School

    The first Bulgarian elite high school was founded in 1835 by the Revival activist Vasil Aprilov and is active until today.