Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz
Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz

Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz


Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz combines discreet luxury, high level of service, unique location, nature, sea, beach, SPA and Wellness, treatment and prophylactics of various medical conditions, body revitalization, modern weight- loss facilities (Non-Invasive Body Liposuction) and rejuvenation (Needle Free Mesotherapy), using the healing effect of the Bulgarian healing clay and lye.
The hotel is located in the Sea Garden of Burgas, in close proximity to the beach, in the bay between Pomorie and Chernomorets and is a Hotel Complex, with Balneo/SPA/Wellness and Beauty Centers, combined with a Seaside Park.
Personal attention, kindness and discreetness are only part of the details with which our well-trained staff creates a unique atmosphere in our restaurants, bars and recreational areas.
Different in service and style, the “Grand” of Burgas provides a truly authentic and luxurious experience, transporting you in your dream-like home.



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