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  • dan-ur-b-vidin-fest-fb-event-cover-2022_310x174_crop_9dcebd9595

    Danube Days Festival "Danube Treasures"


    Welcome to the colorful and full of various experiences Festival "Danube Treasures" in Vidin!

  • conference_310x174_crop_def14cdc47

    Regional Conference "Creative Danube. Connectivity - the key to overcoming the shrinkage"


    The DANUrB+ Regional Conference, dedicated to the potential of the shrinking cities, will be held in Vidin and in Calafat on 30th June and 1st July 2022. The event is focused on the creative sectors and the connectivity as a key for overcoming the shrinking.

  • dan-ur-b-workshop-vidin_310x174_crop_877c85ef67

    Семинар „Местни ценности и развитие на културния туризъм в региона на Видин“


    Семинар "Местни ценности и развитие на културния туризъм в региона на Видин“ ще се проведе във Видин на 31 март 2022 г. от 14:00 ч. в конферентна зала на Епиграфски център.

  • regional-conference-ro-bg-visual_310x174_crop_9c62472131

    Regional Conference "Challenges and Opportunities of Living in Shrinking and Peripheral Cities along the Danube"


    The conference will be held on 10th and 11th March 2022 as part of the activities for the DANUrB+ project. It is dedicated to the challenges in shrinking cities along the Danube, focusing on the opportunities for development of Bulgarian and Romanian settlements in the Danube regions, highlighting the importance of the "smart" networks, utilization of cultural and historical heritage and the power of the local communities.

  • ldl-free-winter-school_310x174_crop_d4e9817192

    Free Winter School under the Living Danube Limes Project - by the Danube University Krems


    The thematic focus is included in the development of cost-effective and efficient plans for the preservation of cultural heritage, and if necessary, the preservation of museums and archaeological sites during natural disasters and catastrophes.

  • dan-ur-b-copy_310x174_crop_240b9468cc

    Устойчиво предприемачество по поречието на Дунав


    Онлайн работилницата е насочена към преподаватели и обучители от образователни институции в областите по река Дунав.