Free Winter School under the Living Danube Limes Project - by the Danube University Krems


If you want to enrich your knowledge completely free of charge, we kindly invite you to join the 2022 International Winter School in Cultural Property Protection under the Living Danube Limes - Interreg Danube Transnational Programme:


  • It will be held online in the period 07.02. - 11.02.2022


The event will be hosted by the Danube University Krems.


The course is designed for experts as well as for students and enthusiasts, who are interested in the preservation of our monuments and cultural heritage.


You will have the opportunity to understand and learn how to develop cost-effective and efficient plans for the protection of cultural property and the preservation / evacuation of museums and archeological sites during natural disasters and catastrophes.

Absolutely FREE for everyone, and you will gain 6 credits (ECTS).


Take advantage and register now:


National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" is a proud partner in an international consortium of 10 Danube countries.


The event was developed within the project "Valorization of cultural heritage and promotion of sustainable tourism by reviving the common heritage of the Danube Limes as a basis for a cultural route", with the acronym Living Danube Limes, under the "Danube 2014-2020" Transnational Cooperation Programme.



National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" is a key partner for Bulgaria in the project, responsible for the pilot region.

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