Регионален исторически музей Силистра
община Силистра

Регионален исторически музей Силистра


In 1898 in one of the rooms of the State Pedagogical School was founded the archeological and ethnographic museum. The building is a monument of culture (former branch of the Romanian national bank), with 47 000 artefacts from the prehistory to the 20th century: a treasure of copper axes and chunks 5th c. BC, a treasure of bronze sickles and axes of the second millennium BC, roman stone sundial with the image of Orpheus, a Thracian helmet, etc. It preserves coins and other findings found during the years in Silistra and voluntarily given by the local community. Folk costumes from the region of Dobrudzha, old books, manuscripts and other artefacts are to be found as well.


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