Today, we celebrate Trifonov's day - Trifon Zarezan!

Trifon Zarezan is a celebration of vine-growers, gardeners, falconers who are under the care of the saint-healer Trifon.
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In Bulgaria, the Orthodox Church honors St. Trifon on February 1, while in most parts of the country, the "Day of the Vinedresser" or "Trifon Zarezan" is celebrated in the old style - on February 14. St. Trifon is one of the most glorious saints-healers, and according to the legend - the guardian of the vineyards, the patron saint of winegrowers, winemakers, gardeners.


Trifon Zarezan is one of the biggest holidays and is considered to mark the beginning of the agricultural/farming year. In order to make it fertile, tradition has it that men go to the vineyard on this day. There, each of them cuts three sticks. The cut is watered with the red wine they have brought and they bless the vineyard with the words "As many drops, so many grapes". This ritual is called "pruning".


And how the holiday is celebrated in the different parts of our country, we will find out on February 14!