LDL Museum Cluster Brand Positioning

The Living Danube Limes (LDL) Museum Cluster Brand Positioning was one of the main topics on the 1st International Conference within the EU Interreg DTP Project “Living Danube Limes”, held on 07-08.09.2021, virtually hosted by the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, and the Lead Partner - Danube University Krems.
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The subject was presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Serezliev, external expert of National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide”, which is a key partner and leader of the work package “Creation of transnational museum cluster”. The brand definition was specified – the impression received in the customer’s mind about the product or service, the sum of all tangible and intangible elements that make a choice unique. Regarding the Museum Cluster Brand, the touchpoints are numerous, such as: billboards, publications, emails, exhibits, newsletters, websites, experiences, advertising, social media, public relations, trade shows, word of mouth, etc. Their correct integration and usage are based on the communication strategy, plan, and activities. In conclusion, the perspectives of the future LDL Museum Cluster Brand were highlighted, as follows:


  • Multidisciplinary approach to the problems of the communications of the LDL Museum Cluster Brand in a holistic way.
  • Clarifying the role in all Roman Danube Limes Brand touchpoints.
  • Create and/or optimize the brand storytelling and brand narrative.
  • Exploring the possibilities for strategic communications in the process of media and business convergence.
  • Investigate what are the problems of establishing common communication standards for brand umbrella and personal museum brands.


The participants of the two-day conference enjoyed presentations and discussions on a lot of other interesting and meaningful topics, as the main theme was “Potential of Historic Storytelling along the Roman Danube Limes” (the Roman remains in the Danube Region, their archaeological and touristic value as well as its connecting power between modern nation states). The program included debates on the multinational world heritage nomination of the Danube Limes (what are the challenges and progress), the Danube as a connective route in Antiquity, monuments protection and caretaking, Roman shipbuilding traditions, shields on ships, etc. Several notable examples were revealed from Romania – Roman frontiers on the territory; from Serbia – ship finds; from Croatia - Roman historical re-enactment and living history; from Hungary - museums, knowledge transfer and networks. There were also special guests of the conference, presenting the most recent research and excavations on Hadrian’s Wall, sister projects as ISTER, and so on. 


The article was developed within the project "Valorization of cultural heritage and promotion of sustainable tourism by reviving the common heritage of the Danube Limes as a basis for a cultural route", with the acronym Living Danube Limes, under the "Danube 2014-2020" Transnational Cooperation Programme.



National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" is a key partner for Bulgaria in the project, responsible for the pilot region.

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