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On 5 July 2023 National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" held an Information day on the funding opportunities under the StarGrowth initiative.
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The StarGrowth Open Call is an opportunity for rural and ecotourism SMEs active in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Slovenia to showcase their projects and ideas. Recently, a series of Info Days were held in the partner countries to present information about this open call and to encourage participation.


Info Days provide a platform for organizers to communicate the details and objectives of the StarGrowth Open Call. They offer valuable insights to potential applicants, allowing them to understand the scope, requirements, and potential benefits of being part of this initiative.


These Info Days were organized in partnership with local stakeholders across the countries, ensuring a wide reach and diverse participation. The presentations during these Info Days focused on the core aspects of the StarGrowth Open Call. They highlighted the program's objectives, the types of activities eligible for submission, and the criteria used for evaluation. This ensured that participants were well-informed about the program before deciding to apply.


One key aspect emphasized during the presentations was the call's focus on sustainable and innovative solutions. The organizers stressed the importance of addressing global challenges such as sustainable development and digital transformation. This approach not only promotes collaboration but also allows participants to expand their horizons and develop solutions that have a tangible impact on society.


The presentations also shed light on how successful applicants can benefit from the StarGrowth Open Call initiative. Funding opportunities, mentorship and training programs, and access to good practices and various resources, were all highlighted as key advantages for participants.


Another crucial aspect of the Info Days was the opportunity for participants to ask questions and seek clarification on any doubts they had. All Q&As are published in the relevant section of the StarGrowth webpage: Questions & Answers.


Overall, the presentations during these Info Days successfully conveyed the objectives, opportunities, and benefits of the StarGrowth Open Call. They empowered participants to take part in the program, showcasing how their ideas and projects can make a real difference towards sustainable tourism development in their respective regions.


© The Presentation from the Info Day in Bulgaria is accesible HERE!


Deadline for receiving applications 26 July 2023, 17:00 CET.


For any inquires and questions in Bulgarian:



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The StarGrowth Open Call is part of the activities within the project Star Growth, “Sustainable Tools & Activities for Rural Tourism and Ecotourism SMEs Growth”, SMP-COSME-2021-TOURSME, grant agreement number 101085746, funded by the EU Single Market Programme. Started in January 2023, the project aims to enhance the sustainable growth of SMEs operating in the rural tourism and ecotourism sectors in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, and Italy by providing technical and financial support, whilst boosting their awareness, development, and capacity in the area of sustainable innovations.

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