Paragliding above Sopot

The magic of Flying

Every kid in the world has experienced flying dreams at some stage- soaring among the clouds, observing nature’s beauty from above, being weightless….. Some have never been out of that stage. Some never let that dream go.


And that dream unfailingly leads people somewhere - some create flying machines, others decide they belong in cockpits, or invent the zeppelin.


Children dream about having ”real” wings so that they could slip into the air just like fairies… What about you?


Why not try out something that’s already real - fly a paraglide. A seat and a wing full of nothing but air but oh….. the adrenalin rush.  A truly unforgettable memory and you could actually do that anywhere. All you need is a clean slope and some suitable wind.


And yet, the heights above the town of Sopot are a favorite place for experiences like that.


Located in the northern part of the Karlovo valley, the town attracts all eyes. Here, paragliders soaring in the sky are a common sight. The appropriate weather conditions and perfect relief are complemented by the nearby chairlift leading to the top.


And up there, the instructor’s tips are usually simple: “Follow the birds and just enjoy”. You’ll be happy when you leave the camera behind and you’re given to the sense of free floating, or watching the birds flying overhead. You can choose different types of flights - altitude, acrobatic, panorama; the instructor will take care of that and keep you company all the time. That’s how beginners do it. There are courses and special trainings for the ones keen on paragliding. Some have already found their vocation in flying. They accompany others in the sky, train other enthusiasts and participate in competitions, set records. Adventurers do find flying unforgettable. It is not as simple as the desire to touch the clouds with your hand, not only a taste of the freedom of birds, but so much more ... especially above the town of Sopot.


Nature, beauty, wind, speed, loops and … adrenalin.

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