Bansko and Razlog - For the love of horses and nature

Wind, speed, freedom…

Usually, the city of Bansko and the whole region are visited for mountain and ski tourism. However, these places could offer much more than just ski runs. Everywhere you turn - there’s history there. Wherever you look, a majestic mountain will rise before your eyes. And no matter how long you stay, there’ll never be enough time to comprehend that such unbelievable natural beauty, does in fact exist. Inspiring, rousing, impelling… You keep wondering what comes first here - the actual scenery or the sense of beauty itself. And you’ll be stunned by the absolute accuracy of your perceptions, primed to capture beauty, use it for inspiration, reconciliation and spiritual elevation, to find a reason to hold on… Amazing feelings evoked by the views of steep peaks, sheer cliffs, winding ski runs and the unique slopes of Rila Mountain - according to your own preferences.


You can get the unparalleled sensation that you are truly a part of nature while riding. Undoubtedly, that’s possible here, as well. Near the town of Razlog, several stables and horse riding clubs offer a variety of opportunities for horse riding – on the track trainings, off track mountain horse riding and/or sightseeing; horse riding tours for just a couple of hours; two or more days lasting horse riding experiences, camping in tents, huts or forest shelters; competitions, therapeutic and anti-stress relaxing rides, etc. And in addition to all this - hunting, fishing, hiking, shooting sports, archery, mountain biking. One of the clubs owns a small zoo with exotic animals.


 Ardent horse lovers can stay in some of the hotel complexes in the area. There are several horse riding clubs in the village of Bachevo, on the southern slope of the Rila Mountains. Going there is an adventure of its own – the riddled dirt road is a tribulation/a trial/ of perseverance and patience. But it’s worth it. You will get the feel of the local dialect –lilting, colorful and often difficult to understand; try traditional dishes and all this, combined with the remoteness of the place will help you immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere, against the backdrop of fascinating nature – crystal clear air, singing brooks and streams and views of three mountains - Pirin, Rila and the Rodhopes.  Even if you're not a passionate lover of horses, it is the perfect place to take your first lessons.


 It is highly likely to come back.