Balneology and SPA in Velingrad

The healing powers of mineral springs

There are places on earth, blessed places where Mother Nature generously exposes her essence and limitless powers. Whether “to brag”, to give us pieces of her wealth or help us, we can only wonder at her blessings. The mineral springs bring an abundance of valuable substances to the surface. We simply need to learn how to use this wealth and to hand the knowledge down to the future generations. In Bulgaria, both factors are present in the low mountain town of Velingrad.


The mineral springs in the area have been used since ancient times and that centuries-old tradition has left evidence at every turn. The largest number of mineral springs on the territory of Bulgaria- a whopping 27 springs - flow in Velingrad. The waters, with temperatures between 28 and 91 degrees Celsius, spring from incredible depths, and this contributes to their purity and constant chemical composition. Water deposits are distributed in three boroughs – Chepino, Ladzhene and Velyova Banya. Each of the springs has its own characteristics and excellences of composition, but they’re all slightly mineralized. Their qualities define their favorable effects on various diseases. The healing properties of the local springs are mostly due to their mineral and gas compositions, but a number of other biologically active substances contribute to their therapeutic powers, as well.


Velingrad’s picturesque location - in the Western Rhodope Mountains, not far from Rila Mountains - between mountains, hills and beautiful pine forests, makes it even more attractive.


In 2005, the fresh mountain air, numerous tourist attractions and favorable climate, combined with the wealth of the mineral springs, finally earned the town a well-deserved title - "SPA capital of Bulgaria", awarded by decision of the Bulgarian Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs(BHRA).


Later on, in 2008, the resort received world recognition, as well – Velingrad was officially crowned as the “SPA Capital of the Balkans”- a title of the World Conference Branch Organization of Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (IHRA).

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