Wildflowers Festival


The Rhodope Mountains are the flower gardens of Bulgaria!

Legends have it that the meadows, full of orchids and primroses, have been haunted by fairies once. Today, local healers gather here fragrant herbs in Midsummer.

In the month of herbs and fairies, the Festival of wild flowers will take place for the third year at several different places in the Smolyan municipality - from 20 to 28 June 2015! The festival is organized by the “Eco-organization- Rodopi”, in collaboration with the municipalities and community culture centers in the villages of Smilyan, Mogilitsa, Gorna Arda and Momchilovtsi.

The schedule includes:

• Dedicated botanical and flora-oriented tours on marked botanical trails;

• Expert and amateur seminars - Introductory lectures on the use of local herbs;

• Traditional crafts and arts workshops for children and grown-ups;

• Presentations on the folklore of the local communities;

• Three-day bicycle tour - enjoying the Rhodope flowers.

The festival is part of a network of Festivals of wild flowers in Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and the UK, within the project "Colorful Europe", under the auspices of Plant Life International. The first edition of the Festival was organized with the support of SGP GEF, and the EU program "Culture". This year’s edition is taking place thanks to the financial support of the “Eco-organization – Rhodopes”, the support of local communities and the municipality of Smolyan.

More information and the Agenda of the Festival

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