The Vitosha Mountain Blok Kino shows/ Outdoor Screenings of "Vitosha" and "The Little Prince"



Written by: Ivan Popyordanov

Director: Lyubomir Mladenov

Director of photography: Orlin Ruevski

Producers: Galia Toneva, Kiril Kirilov, "Gala film"


"Vitosha" is a documentary about Vitosha Mountain but uncovered through the images if its inhabitants. It’s a movie that focuses on Bulgarian civil society’s awakening. But it’s certainly neither particularly eco-friendly, nor specially intended for people following a raw food diet. However, a much more serious conflict shines through the presented case of the “Aleko” skiing area. "Vitosha" is a movie for anyone who has the confidence of a participant, not an observer, immersed in the world he inhabits.



Written by Philip Andreev, Stanimir Velikov

Director: Philip Andreev

Director of photography: Polina Vasileva


Emil - Edward is a bohemian, unconventional, happy, free, intelligent, and loved by women… A persona created as an alter ego for Emil Mitov so that he can immerse himself in his imaginary reality where he’s not a lonely addict without friends and perspectives, but someone with a glorious past and even glorious future.


Source and Facebook event page: тук

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