Summer Happening


The "Summer happening - Karandila 2015” festival is aimed at promoting contemporary art forms and finding ways of getting closer to nature, combining tradition and modernity  in search of alternative ways of entertainment and sports, communicating and finding yourself and the surrounding world. The event will follow trends and issues in the areas that we believe need to be reinvented and we are very keen on: ecology, sports, crafts, healthy lifestyle, leisure, new technologies, and art. The festival takes place for the third time and lasts for two and a half days. During this year’s edition we will strive to find common ground between the concepts of “contemporary” and “progressive” on one hand and “traditional” and “natural” on the other. With a host of activities, on 26, 27 and 28June 2015, we would love to show that in a proper evolution, these concepts should go hand in hand.


The "Summer happening" is a tradition already and an opportunity to find and follow new social and creative horizons for the benefit of everyone in the region of Sliven and Karandila.


Our concept for all of the above will be presented through various workshops, exhibitions, presentations, practices, art performances, meetings, challenges, music and dancing, games, colors, spirit, fire. In organizing the event, we’ll be very considerate towards the bands that we’ll invite to perform on the Summer hapenning's stage.


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