The Sliven Drama Theatre “Stefan Kirov” and the team of late antiquity and medieval fortress s "Tuida", together with the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Sliven, proudly invite you to the "SLIVEN FESTIVAL BENEATH THE STARS". The event is organized under the auspices of Sliven’s mayor eng. Kolyo Milev and will take place at Hissarlaka, on July 4th, Saturday.


On this day, local customs demonstrations and historical reenactments will dominate  the ancient ruins of the Late antiquity and medieval fortress "Tuida". Various acting, dancing, singing and musical performances, as well as horseback riding shows and martial arts demonstrations will flow together into the magic of the lavish “Beneath the stars” spectacle.


The Yambol Regional Club "Georgi Drazhev" to the National Society "TRADITION" will demonstrate some old weaponry, crafts and clothing. Graduates of Sliven Professional School of “Hotel and Tourism Management Acad. Nedelcho Nedeltchev" and the School of Textile and Apparel “Dobri Zelyazkov”will present Bulgarian culinary specials and traditional costumes. Roasted lamb and barbecues will tempt the visitor against the backdrop of Sliven’s fascinating music, the bagpipe and flute tunes, while local Master Meat crafters will offer sausage and sudjuk (a dry, spicy sausage) tastings. Tuida’s teams of animators and coaches will introduce young and old/kids and grownups/ to archery. Visitors can relax on mats under the beech shade, try Slivensko red wine and enjoy the magic views of Sliven and the unique phenomenon Sinite Kamani (The Blue Rocks).


The culmination event is at sunset, when the Sliven Drama Theatre “Stefan Kirov” will present the “Dyado Vazov gleda” production for the first time. The show is based on some of Ivan Vazov’s best-known works. This year Bulgaria celebrates the 165th Anniversary of the prominent writer’s birth. Borislav Chakrinov’s production includes parts of his immortal works "Uncles," "Under the Yoke" and "Exiles". Assistant directors are Augustine Dermerdzhiev and Dimitar Markov. More than 50 performers will take part in the spectacular show - actors, historical reenactment coordinators, dancers, singers and extras. The production promises to thrill everyone with “a mighty heart and Bulgarian name".


After the show, the festival will continue with a powerful Bulgarian folk dance (horo).


Join the dance, Bulgarians, beneath the stars of Sliven, on July 4th!


Source: The Sliven Drama Theatre “Stefan Kirov”

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