“Plus Festival”, Pazardzhik 2015


The “Plus Festival” is back for the second time, right where it all started - Pazardzhik Town. Last year we’ve managed to build a loyal fanbase and we’ll stick to the successful practice of inviting the most popular Bulgarian pop, rock and hip-hop performers, along with participants from six European countries. 3 days, 2 stages, free entrance!  September 11 - 13,  Pazardzhik Town.


Day 1: September 11 - Friday


19:30 / "The Island" / Krisko, Pavel,  Wenzi  Wenz & Moisei


18:00 / "The Cake" / DJ Parade


Day 2 : September 12 - Saturday


19:30 / "The Island" / B.T.R. & Revolution Z


11:00 / "The Cake" / Daytime concert & other festival activities


September 13 - Sunday


19:30 / "The Island" / Maria Ilieva & Lubo Kirov


11:00 / "The Cake" / Daytime concert & other festival activities


And many more: artists from all over the country, participants from Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Romania, England and Macedonia.


The second edition of the festival is supported by the Municipality of Pazardzhik - the mayor Todor Popov and the experts from the Department of "Education and Culture", who we’re infinitely grateful to for all the enthusiasm they’re putting in the transformation of Pazardzhik into an established  festival destination!

More info at: www.facebook.com/plusfestival.eu.

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